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Kitchen Equipment Hire

Grill / Cook / Bake this turbo oven which can accommodate 4 1/1 gastronomes does the lot!

Blue Seal Convection Oven

A versatile range suitable for all your catering needs

6 Burner LPG Range

This single deck pizza oven will cook 4 9inch Pizzas in just 4 Minutes. For really high output use multiple ovens

Pizza Oven

A range of Pizza Accessories


A large double door stainless steel chiller

Double Chiller

Choose from either 20 or 30 Litres

Water Boiler

Blue Seal Parry Gas Range Pizza Oven Pizza Rack Parry Double Fridge Water Boiler

4 x 5.2 litre Pots


4 Pot Bain Marie

2 x 5.2 litre pots


2 Pot Bain Marie

Gastronorm compatible,therefore can be configured in many ways!


Bain Marie and Pots

4 Pot Bain Marie 2 Pot Bain Marie Bain Marie C-Vap

With CVap Holding Cabinets, foods stay hot and fresh for hours, enabling operators to prepare foods well ahead of busy serving periods, and then hold them at just-cooked quality and texture, whether moist or crisp. Holds 8 x 1/1 Gastros

C-VAP Hot Cabinet

2 slice conveyor toaster capible of toasting up to 360 slices per hour

Dualit Conveyor Toaster

Conveyor Toaster

Pour and serve coffee machine. Each pot producing 12 cups every 4 minutes.

Coffee Machine

10 litres. Ladle included.

Soup Kettle

coffee machine Soup Kettle

Choose from 6 or 10 litres

Perfect rice every time!

Rice Cooker

Table top. 5 litres.

Deep Fat Fryer

Rice Cooker Deep Fat Fryer

164 litre. Stainless steel top.

Chest Freezer

Chest Freezer

Adjustable, electric, holds approx. 75 plates, up to 12" in diameter.

Single Plate Warmer

Available in single or double rings, utensils included.


Accurate temperature control throughout use for uniform results. Heat insulation of the elements to avoid heat loss. Smoothly welded frame for ease of cleaning. Stainless steel frame. Cast iron griddle. Luminous on/off switch.


Batter available at £25 for 10 litres (enough for 100 guests).

Electric Crepe Ring

Available in single or double rings, utensils included.


Batter available at £25 for 10 litres (enough for 100 guests).

Gas Crepe Ring

Double Crepe Ring Gas Single Crepe Ring Elec Plate Warmer Double Crepe Ring Elec Single Crepe Ring Gas

Holds up to 104 plates



From crepe rings to convection ovens, we have all the equipment for you very own pop up kitchen. All equpiment is certified, so you'll have peace of mind that you are cooking in safety.


We are more than happy for you to visit our premises for a closer look before you decide to hire with us, in fact we welcome it, so you can see what we're all about. We can give you a run through of how things work, so you hire your equipment with confidence


Please see our other pages for the hire of extras from tongs and gas to crockery and cutlery.